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268 reviews
  • Fernando·

    Staff very professional, very useful guidelines and proactive people.

  • Michael B·


  • Kamal Taylor·

    Super knowledgeable. Friendly and productive conversation. Thanks!

  • Jennifer·

    I had a fantastic experience with Darren. He was very communicative, and he gave me so much information. I was overwhelmed with how much he knew about the new SB nine rules for buying a house in Orinda fixing it up and how long it would take. I was shocked about how Informed and how the new laws have transformed people that want to build an Orinda and how shocked the new laws have made it easy for people to come into Orinda and actually get things done and make Orinda beautiful. I was very surprised excellent service. !

  • Jimmy G·

    Very productive appointment with Donna today, who is knowledgeable, thorough, and Very helpful. Made appointment without waiting. Thank you Donna and Orinda Planning.

  • Kelly Kopelson·

    Very efficient and productive appointment with Winnie today, who is knowledgeable, thorough, and helpful. Was able to make the appointment without waiting very long. Thank you Winnie and Orinda Planning.

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